CBD for horses

Eliminating stress and anxiety symptoms.

The inflorescence of Cannabis sativa in the form of pellet with 0.5% CBD content. Free from psychoactive substances (THC<0.2%). Recommended for skittish, young, nervous and hyperactive horses. It helps alleviate stress symptoms of various origins (e.g. training, recovery, transport, changing the stable).

▶ to alleviate anxiety symptoms

▶ to alleviate pain and inflammation

▶ to help the horse calm down and concentrate

Discontinue the treatment 7- 10 days before a competition.

Ingredients: Inflorescence of Cannabis sativa, CBD 0,5%, TCH < 0,2%


Horses (500 kg m.c.): 40-180 g
Ponies: 20-90 g

Method of administration: mix with feed.

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