Strong and healthy musculature

Gamma-oryzanol is a natural extract, supporting the rapid expansion of strong and healthy muscles, clinically proven in dietetic sports horses. It is classified as a substance with antioxidant activity.

Supplementation greatly reduces the risk of sourness and damage to muscle tissue caused by physical effort. Gamma-oryzanol regulates skeletal muscle repair processes. Numerous studies show that the use of this substance has a beneficial effect on fat burning and alleviates metabolic disorders as well as other health effects of obesity.In addition Gamma Oryzanol has the ability to inhibit the aging process and stimulates skin repair functions.


  • sport horses whose muscles are subjected to heavy loads
  • young horses whose musculature at the beginning of work is not strong enough and developed
  • horses staying on rehabilitation and during implementation to work
  • horses that have problems with the development of muscle tissue
  • older horses that lose muscle mass quickly

Supplementation should be discontinued 5 days before the competition.

Composition: Gamma-oryzanol 99%

Horses (above 550 kg): 1,5 scoop
Horses (about 500 kg): 1 scoop
Ponies: 0,5 miarki

Horses in intensive training or during rehabilitation: 1,5 scoop

The enclosed scoop contains 3g product (approximate)

Method of administration: mix with feed.