Protection and regeneration of the musculoskeletal system

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) biogenic sulfur compound, obtained from pine pulp, has antirheumatic and anti-inflammatory action. It has a significant effect in the cartilage tissue’s regeneration  in the joints. It supports the construction of tendons, ligaments and muscles. It participates in the collagen and keratin’s synthesis. It stimulates the antibodies production, thereby helping the immune system.

The 500g package is enough for 50 days.
The 700g package is enough for 70 days.
The 1300g package is enough for 130 days.
The 3000g package is enough for 300 days.

Treatment mechanism
In the situation of fibrous cartilage cells inflammation , you can observe that cell tightens and becomes stiff, which  manifests with swelling and pain. MSM restores the flexibility and permeability of cell walls, resulting in improved tissue flow conditions. Harmful substances in the form of, for example, lactic acid can be removed from the cells and provided with nutrients, regenerating. As a result, the pressure in the tissue cells is equalized, the pain reduced or its causes eliminated. This action is extremely important for sports and older horses  (due to frequent bruises, soreness in the muscles and injuries). DOES NOT CONTAIN ANTISBRYLACES!

Rehabilitation – during convalescence after injuries and operations of the musculoskeletal system.
Sport – protection and regeneration of the musculoskeletal system, contusions, swelling, soreness in the muscles, stenoses, stiffness of joints and muscles.
Senior –  joints and muscles  stiffness, swelling, decreased mobility of joints.
Hooves – in case of problems with brittle, cracking hoof horn

Composition: 100% MSM metylosulfonylometane
For the production of this preparation we used the highest quality premium raw material certified: HG (Human Grade)

Horses: 2 scoops
Ponies: 1 scoop

The enclosed scoop contains 5g product (approximate)

 In the case of increased demand, the dose can be doubled.
Tip: it is recommended to administer with vitamin C, which optimizes the activity of MSM.

Method of administration: mix with feed.

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