Strong, healthy hoof can, improving skin quality. 

Supplementary fodder mixture with optimal  nutrients concentration determinating the correct growth rate and strong hoof horn structure . The increased content of Biotin, Dl-methionine and zinc helps to create an extremely strong, healthy hoof can structure.

The 500g package is enough for 50 days.
The 1000g package is enough for 100 days.

 The product is especially recommended in cases requiring rapid regeneration. In the problems with brittle, horn hoof and cracking not very flexible hoof wall. For the production of this preparation we used the highest quality raw materials and micronutrients in the form of chelates characterized by high bioavailability thanks to which they quickly and effectively supplement the shortages.

– fragile, breakable, cracking hoof
– slow hoof wall growth

Composition/1000g: brewer’s yeast, apple pomace, DL-methionine, biotin, zinc chelate, copper chelate.

Extras / 1000g:
Biotin 2,200,000mcg
Chelat Zn 4.000mg
Chelat Cu 1.000mg
DL-methionine 150.000mg

Analytic ingredients:
Crude fat 1%;
Raw protein 22%;
Crude fiber 8%;
Crude ash 5%;
Humidity 8%;
Sodium 0.1%

Horses: 2 scoops
Ponies: 1 scoop

The enclosed scoop contains 5g product (approximate)

Method of administration: mix with feed.

Why BiotinMax from HorseLinePRO?
The product has a very high dose of biotin (2,200,000 mcg) enriched with ingredients characterized by high bioavailability from the highest quality premium raw materials, certified: HG (Human Grade).

When to enrich the horse’s diet with BiotinMax?
If its hooves are:
● fragile
● brittle
● not very flexible
● grow slowly

Biotin in BiotinMax:
● supports the process of vitamin C absorption
● participates in the synthesis of fatty acids
● is involved in the metabolism of proteins

DL-methionine in BiotinMax preparation:
● is a source of biologically available sulfur
● enhances the bioavailability of other ingredients from the food dose
● affects the regeneration of hooves, fur, skin, bone and cartilage

Zinc and copper in BiotinMax:
For the production of the preparation we used Zinc and Copper in the form of chelate the  best absorbed by the body! Chelates are also responsible for the rate of absorption of these elements and their transport, which allows  quickly make up shortages. They have an influence on:
● maintaining proper hoof hardness
● regeneration of epithelial skin tissue
● improving the quality of the coat

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