Natural multiwitamin

VitaMax is a carefully selected, complete set of vitamins and minerals specially dedicated for horses, in the diet of which oats are the main ingredient of concentrate. The product has a great effect on improving the physical condition and revitalization of the body during increased physical exertion, pregnancy and lactation. It supports the proper functioning, growth and development of the body and supplements the diet with nutrients necessary for health.
Manufactured from high quality non-genetically modified raw materials.

Use for horses which:

  • his diet is poor, unvaried or of inferior quality
  • he is struggling with an injury
  • he is subjected to increased physical effort
  • if his immune system is weakened (eg during or after illness)
  • it is treated pharmacologically
  • his digestive tract has been sterilized
  • is in the breeding season
  • has limited access to pasture

Composition: monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, a premix of vitamins, microelements and biologically active compounds, yeast, beta-glucans

Analytical constituents:

Calcium 18,5%
Phosphorus 4,9%
Sodium 7,5%
Magnesium 1,5%
Lysine 0,5%
Methionine 0,3%
Threonine 0,3%

Feed additives 1000g:
Vit A 500000 j.m.
Vit D3 100000 j.m.
Vit E 3000 mg
Vit C 1000 mg
Vit B1  500 mg
Vit B2  75 mg
Vit B6  50 mg
Vit B12  0,5 mg
Vit K3  50 mg
Niacin 400 mg
Biotin 17 mg
Folic acid 6 mg
Choline chloride 8400 mg
Iron 4000 mg
Zinc chelate 5000 mg
Manganese 4000 mg
Copper chelate 540 mg
Iodine 100 mg
Natural aroma

Horses : 5 scoops
Ponies: 4 scoops
Horses in intensive training: 6 scoops
Youth horses: 4 scoops
Males foaling or nursing: 7 scoops

The enclosed scoop contains 10g product (approximate)

Method of administration: mix with feed.


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