Natural preparation against mosquitoes, mucous and ticks.

Natural, GMO and pesticide-free herbal supplement for horses and ponies.

 Regular supply (due to the high level of polyphenols – volatile fragrances with a wide spectrum) has a positive effect on changing the horse’s body odor, which makes it less attractive for external parasites such as mosquitoes, tusks and ticks. It is a rich source of antioxidants, and its regular use optimizes natural resistance. For the production of this preparation we used the highest quality premium raw material certified with: Human Grade (food grade) and GMO free (genetically unmodified).

The 700g package is enough for 30 days.

Composition:  100% Cistus (Cistus L.)
Turkish purée bred on volcanic soils thanks to which it owes its unique properties

Horses: 6-8 scoops
The best effect is observed after 8 weeks from the start of use.

The enclosed scoop contains 3g product (approximate)

Method of administration: mix with feed.

Why HorseLinePro FlyOut?
For the production of this preparation we used the highest quality premium grade raw material with the following certificates: HG (Human Grade) and GMO FREE.

When to supplement your horse’s diet with FlyOut?
● in the summer season when it is harassed by mosquitoes, tears, ticks
● its immune system needs regeneration
● is weak and lethargic
● is struggling with infections caused by fungi or microorganisms

How does FlyOut work?
By changing the scent of the skin, the horse is less attractive to insects! The product inhibits  the secretion of histamine, thus demonstrating anti-allergic activities. It has a high content of polyphenols and flavonoids, is a strong antioxidant thanks to which:
● counteracts free radicals
● supports the immune system and strengthens the immune response of the body
● inhibits the formation and development of inflammation
● polyphenols contribute to the reduction of edema
● regulates the liver and pancreas
Same as  any other herbal application, regular application is important to achieve the intended effects. The beneficial effects of the purge can be observed after a few weeks.

In the Institute of Pharmacology, University of Catania, Italy, the antioxidant and antiradical properties of Cistus incanus L. and Cistus monspeliensis L. have been demonstrated. The extract inhibited lipid peroxidation of rat liver microsomes and protected the structure of DNA (Attaguile G., Russo A., Campisi A., Savoca F., Acquaviva R., Ragusa N., Vanella A .: Antioxidant activity and protective effect on DNA cleavage of Cistus incanus L. and Cistus monspeliensis L. Cell Biol Toxicol. 2000; 16 (2) : 83-90). The research shows that extracts from cistus are antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, and also cytotoxically and cytostatic towards cancer cell lines.

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