Respiratory system support.

100% natural nutritional supplement that effectively neutralizes mold spores and toxic bacterial transformation products, which are one of the most common causes of respiratory failure and horse allergy in the stable.

The 600g package is enough for 30 days.
The 1200g package is enough for 60 days.

Respirol actively binds the spores of mycotoxins from the closest surroundings of the horse (mulch, feed) thus it inhibits the development of respiratory disorders. The preparation supports the condition and efficiency of working horses and the productivity of breeding mares. The effectiveness of the preparation has been confirmed in in vivo and in vitro studies.

Composition: purified and activated aluminosilicate, derivatives of yeast cell walls,
phytogenic substances.

Analitic ingredients: Lysine 0.26%, Methionine 0.05%, Calcium 2.5%, Phosphorus 0.15%, Sodium 0.1%, Magnesium 0.48%, Ash 60%

Horses: 4 scoops

The enclosed scoop contains 5g product (approximate)

This product can be used continuously

Method of administration: pour 300 ml of cold or warm water into Shake’s Pocusa HorseLine (½ of Shaker’s volume). Then add a measured amount of preparation and shake vigorously (about 20 sec.)  The resulting solution should be used to moisten the forage or pour it into a watering can, add 2 liters of fresh, cold water, and then mix the forage and mulch. The preparation can also be administered without water (dry) after mixing with concentrate.

Why  HorseLinePRO Respirol?
For the production of this preparation we used 100% natural nutritional supplements. The effectiveness of the preparation has been confirmed in in vivo and in vitro studies.

What are mycotoxins / mycotoxins?
These are secondary metabolites of toxinogenic fungi – mold fungi, black fungi and imperfect fungi. They can be formed during plant growth in fields as well as during storage. They evoke not very specific symptoms, which makes diagnostics difficult.
The harmful effect of mycotoxins on the horse’s body:
● impair the immune system – they may cause allergic reactions
● lead to respiratory failure
● affect digestive system
● may cause sustainable changes in the liver and kidneys
● may impair reproductive system
● cause nervous system dysfunction
● in extreme cases lead to death

How does Respirol work?
The aluminosilicate contained in the product has an adsorptive effect, thus mycotoxins are absorbed from the environment to its porous structure by the difference of the electric potential. They also limit the amount of toxic ammonia compounds around the horse. Yeast leads to the bacterial and fungal toxins degradation  in microbial way. Phytogenic substances have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and have antifungal and antibacterial activity.

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