Ground, minced garlic for horses and ponies.

Organic food supplement for horses and ponies from pure,minced, ground garlic (Allium sativum L.). Top-quality premium raw material certified with: Human Grade (food grade) and GMO free (genetically unmodified). It exhibits bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, it supports the immune, gastrointestinal and respiratory system (respiratory infections of viral or fungal origin). Served regularly in the summer season raises the natural barrier against insects.

The 800g package is enough for 40 days.
The 1400g package is enough for 70 days.

Tip: introduce into the diet gradually 1 scoop of the product for the first 3 days.
In the case of daily supplementation after 30 days, take 10 days break and then return to

Composition: 100% Garlic (Allium sativum L.)

Horses: 3-4 scoops
Ponies: 2 scoops

The enclosed scoop contains 7g product (approximate)

Method of administration: mix with concentrate feed.

Why you should choose HorseLinePRO Garlic?
Because we used the highest quality premium raw material for the production of our preparation, certified: Human Grade (food grade) and GMO free (genetically unmodified).
When should my horse’s feed be enriched with the addition of garlic? If:
– is susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections of the respiratory and digestive systems (fungicidal and bactericidal properties)
– has reduced immunity
– detoxification is needed for poisoning
– it is harassed by insects  in the summer

What is garlic responsible for?
Active substances in garlic improve expectoration and support the mucus  production, which limits inflammation and greatly contributes to the respiratory diseases treatment. It also supports the  digestive juices production and bile. It prevents dangerous fermentation by killing germs, bacteria and fungi in the intestine. It  expands the blood vessels which has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation. The sulfur content makes an important contribution to  hair and skin appearance. It’s helpful in the lymph node inflammation treatment. Active substances in garlic change the sweat chemical composition and effectively deters insects. 

Do you know that garlic:
– restores balance in the digestive and respiratory system after antibiotic therapy
– reduces nervousness and hypersensitivity which makes the horse more active and focused on work
Garlic should be gradually introduced into the horse’s diet and administered continuously, however, do not forget to take breaks in use. Caution should be exercised in  garlic supplementation in horses with ulcers and liver problems. In order to achieve the  insect repellent effect in the summer it is recommended to start the treatment in the winter.

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