Electrolytes for horses. 

HydroFocus restores the body’s electrolyte balance, shortens regeneration time and clearly raises efficiency and physical strength of the horse. 

The electrolyte balance is disturbed after intense physical exercise and in situations that cause increased perspiration, such as high temperature, transport, stress or liquid loss with diarrhea. These anomaly can lead to decrease in efficiency, worse results, general weakness, muscle dysfunction, dehydration, loss of appetite, and weight loss. A properly balanced ratio of individual components of HydroFocus will help the horse maintain its form at the highest level.

Composition: glucose, sodium acetate, potassium acetate, sodium chloride, calcium lactate, magnesium chloride.

Analytical constituents/100g:
Crude protein: <0,3 %
Fibre: <0,2 %
Crude ash: 14,11%
Dry weight: 36,2%
Moisture: 63,8 %
Fat content: <0,1 %

Horses (500 kg b.w): 60 ml
Ponies: 30 ml

The day after an intense exercise/competition recommended dose can be doubled.

Serve: Apply to feed or mix with water and give directly to drink.

Form: liquid

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